The Facts and Importance Of BMI Weighing Scale

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There are many ways that you can know about your health. Weight is one of the factors that determine your health. Overweight may lead to certain most common dangerous diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular, high blood pressure, obesity problems, etc., However, being underweight is also not good for the body. It causes some other problems like Osteoporosis, Anaemia or malnutrition risks. So, keeping your body weight in a normal range. This range is decided based on the weight proportion to height. The measure that can be used for calculating your weight range is called Body Mass Index or in other words, BMI. BMI is a value obtained from the weight and height. It is obtained by dividing your weight by the square of body height. The units are usually represented in kg/cm2. In this article, let us see some more details about this BMI.

Importance Of BMI Weighing Scale

• After calculating the BMI using the above formula, how will you decide that your BMI is in the normal range? Well, there are some ranges that are defined and based on that you will either come under normal/healthy weight, overweight, obese, underweight. Below are the ranges for the BMI Weighing Scale

• For the BMI calculated between 18.5 to 24.9, people are considered to have a healthy weight for their height.

• If the calculated range of the BMI is between 25 to 29.9, people are considered to be overweight and should take some measures to reduce this number.

• People who have their BMI 30 and above are considered to be obese and should immediately take care of the overweight issue to avoid certain life-threatening diseases.

• Well, if your BMI is 18.4 and under, you are underweight and this also needs to be taken care of.

• Along with the Common categories of this BMI range, there are some subcategories like Obese class I, Obese Class II, Obese Class III, Severely Underweight and Very severely underweight categories. These are again based on BMI just like above.

• So, BMI plays an important role to know your range of weight and consider taking measures to keep it in the normal range. However, BMI alone is not enough to measure your health. There are other factors that play a role in a person’s life affecting them with some disease. Some people who have normal BMI are found to have cardiovascular diseases due to their family history or having some bad habits like smoking. Similarly, some people who are on the higher side of the BMI are found to be healthy.

• Some researches have proven that people who are on the higher side of the BMI are living longer lives.
Now that you saw what BMI is and some facts about it, we can say that while BMI can be an excellent initial start to keep your health in check, it is important for you to note that BMI as a single measure cannot be used as a factor to decide your health. More percentage of people are affected when their BMI is out of range. Hence, regular exercise and keeping this BMI in check is a good way to start a healthy life. However, keep checking other factors to keep your health in perfect condition.

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