Is Hair Dryer Harmful for Hair?

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Hairdryers are one of the most commonly used styling appliances in our country. You might have seen your mom drying your hair with an appliance that blows out hot air to the hair. Do you also want to have that as a child? Hair drying can be both advantageous and hazardous. Most of the hair care professionals suggest to towel and air dry the hair. However, some of them also believe that using a hairdryer does not harm. People also believe that a hairdryer can extract water from hair cuticles, making it look dry and rough.

However, the exact truth is not yet known. Scientists have conducted numerous experiments and tried different models of hair dryers. The following are the conclusions that they have could manage to find out:


  1. Understanding the fundamentals of hair drying:

The heat production that occurs when you turn on a hairdryer creates warmth in your hair. Due to it, your hair cuticles open up. However, the opening of hair cuticles can lead to a faster accumulation of dust on hair strands due to pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to blow cold air to seal the cuticles. It will prevent your hair from damage and hair fall.

  1. Know when to use a hairdryer:

Hairdryer should not be used unnecessarily. Make sure to towel dry your hair before turning on the hairdryer. If you use the hairdryer to drenching wet hair, it can lead to tangling and more hair loss. Towel drying ensures the absorption of excess water from the hair. Also, it will reduce the amount and heat exposure to the hair.

  1. Learn to use the temperature settings:

Most of the decent quality hairdryers are available with three heat settings. It has a low heat, medium heat, and high heat setting. If you fail to use the heat settings properly, your hair can be more prone to acquire damage by hair drying. Avoid using the dryer in high heat mode. Stick to low or medium heat unless your hair is too long, dense, or unmanageable.

  1. Using combs and hair protectants:

Many women have a habit of brushing/combing hair in a wet state. It is the primary reason that contributes to hair fall. Similarly, it is good to use combs in semi-dry hair. But, if you use combs on wet hair along with hair drying, it will cause extensive hair loss. One of the best ways to minimize hair fall is to use hair protectants. These items usually come in spray form. Coat your hair with hair protectants to avoid hair damage during hair drying.

  1. Frequency of hair drying:

Hairdryer should only be used if you are in urgency of drying your hair. Otherwise, make sure you do not use the blow drier on regular basis. It makes your hair more prone to rough, dull, breakage, split ends, and brittle.


Hair drying is an essential hair styling technique. Yes, it holds the potential to damage your hair. However, using it in the right frequency, temperature settings, and the moisture-locking features will help to minimize the hair damage to a much extent!

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