Immersion blender - Mistakes To Avoid While Using

Immersion Blender – Mistakes To Avoid While Using


When you buy an immersion blender for the first time, it may seem like a very simple tool to use in your kitchen. Yes, that is true as well. It is one of the simplest tools for your kitchen. But there are certain common mistakes that many people make while using the immersion blender. So, if you are also using it for the first time, there are chances that you make those mistakes in the future. Hence, here is a list of mistakes to avoid while using an immersion blender…

Not washing it:

One of the most common mistakes that most people make and you need to avoid is not washing it immediately after every use. When the food ingredients dry up on the blender, it will get tougher for you to clean them. It is not good for your health because there are chances that the dried up ingredients remain on the blender blades even after cleaning. Mold and bacteria can get accumulated in that space.

Immersion blender - Mistakes To Avoid While Using

Too much liquid:

When you are blending in an immersion blender, or whipping cream in an electric beater, make sure that you leave some space in the blending jar. This way, you can avoid any kind of splattering of the ingredients. Along with that, the consistency of the outcome is also going to be perfect. If you add too much water, it can splatter and also become more watery and of no use for you.

Misusing immersion blender:

When you are buying an immersion blender, if you talk to the sales executive or read the complete details on the package, you will get a clear picture of the ingredients used in the blender for blending. Not all kinds of blades can blend all kinds of ingredients. So, if you are misusing it for wrong ingredients, then the blender’s motor and blade will get damaged. You will have to replace the blender immediately, which is again an extra expenditure for you.

Not unplugging:

Many people commit this mistake. They do not unplug or switch off the plug after every use. In case kids switch it on, then the motor of the immersion blender is going to get damaged. Above all, there are changes that major accidents can happen, like kids hurting their fingers or hands. This mistake can happen by adults as well. So, always switch it off after every single use.

Cooked and raw ingredients:

When blending more than one ingredient together, you should not blend cooked and raw ingredients together. You should first blend raw ingredients and then add the cooked ingredients if they have to be mixed together.

Continuous running:

When using a blender, you should not use it continuously for more than three to five minutes, and that depends on the motor power. If you have a powerful motor, then you can use it for a little longer than five minutes. But never use it for a long time as that can make the motor get heated and the blender will get damaged. It will stop working.

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