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How to Clean Your Sneakers Shoes


Sneakers are one of the most common types of shoes available on the market today. However, if it is not cleaned regularly after use, the lifespan of the shoes and the overall looks of shoes would diminish with time. This is why you must clean the sneakers regularly after use.

Here are some of the common ways of cleaning a sneaker shoe.

  1. Washing the sneakers 

If your sneakers are certified to be washable, then you could wash the sneakers to clean it. You could use the washing machine to clean your washable sneakers.

Sneakers Shoes

Step 1: Put a few towels in the washing machine

Step 2: Remove the laces and the insole from the shoes

Step 3: place the shoes inside a pillowcase

Step 4: Now put the pillowcase and shoes in the washing machine

Step 5: use warm water for the cleaning if the shoes are while coloring and cold water if the sneaker is colored.

Step 6: add some vinegar or some hydrogen peroxide, which could remove the odor and disinfect the shoe.

Set the wash cycle to 5 or 10-minutes, after the washing cycle ends, put the shoes under the sun to dry. Do not place it under the sun for more than 1 or 2-hours.

  1. Hand washing a sneaker

Some sneakers are not designed for machine wash; therefore, they could be cleaned manually only. If you own such a sneaker, then here is how to clean such sneakers.

Step 1: remove the lace and insole from the shoes

Step 2: Take a bowl and add some laundry detergent or dishwasher soap into the bowl and make a solution.

Step 3: now, with an old toothbrush or scrubber, scrub the sneaker slowly. Dip the brush or scrubber in soap water first before scrubbing.

Step 4: if you find the sneaker still not clean, then you could add some baking soda in your soap solution.

Step 5: before scrubbing the shoe with soap, you should first use a dry brush to remove the dry dirt on the shoes.

Step 6: scrub the nook and corner of the shoe slowly.

Remember, after cleaning the shoes. You need to put the shoe under direct sunlight for at least 1 or 2-hours.

  1. If your sneaker is made of leather or suede then here is how to clean it 

Cleaning with formulated cleaner – purchase a dedicated shoe cleaner first, then if the solution is concentrated, dilute it as the manufacturer has prescribed and then use a brush to clean with this solution. You must brush the leather or suede in one direction only.

Vinegar to clean the suede – if you cannot find a formulated chemical suede cleaner, then vinegar solution is the best option. All you have to do is bloat the stains with vinegar and use a microfiber or sponge slowly to remove the dirt.

If the insoles of the sneaker are dirty, then you could use the same solution to clean them separately. However, you must dry both before using it.

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