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5 Ways to Use a Cooling Rack


Cooling racks are amazing utensils for people who love cooking. Yes, we mentioned the term cooking purposely. A cooling rack is not only essential for the bakers; but, it can also be used in many different ways. Isn’t it wonderful to have a single cookware that serves various purposes? The versatility of a cooling rack is one of the most beneficial attribute about it. If you are using different instruments for the below-mentioned purposes, we assure you that you only need a cooling rack to do all of them.

The idea of relating cooling racks to cookie is widespread and known by everyone. Let us look at some outstanding kitchen hacks using a cooling rack:

Cooling Rack

  1. For dicing avocados:

Dicing avocadoes in perfect pieces was never so easy. Cut the avocado into half by cutting it into two pieces. Hold the top section from the skin side. Put the avocado on top of the cooling rack and apply pressure. The avocado will be sliced in even pieces in a hassle-free manner. It eliminates the need of having a dicer.

  1. Organize your jewelries:

You can readily hang the cooling rack longitudinally to make it a jewelry hanger. With the use of nails, fix the rack on the wall. If you always have trouble finding your jewelry, it is the best way to organize them. However, no one wants to do this with a new cooling rack. You can try this method with an old one.

  1. Make a notice board:

Fix the plywoods or cardboard on the sides. Stick a Thermocol at the center of the cooling rack. You can readily stick your important memos or notes in it. It will also help you to set a proper time table. Now, you will never miss any event!

  1. Organize plastic lids:

Do you often find it challenging to find the lids of your Tupperware plastic bowls? Well, now it has become easier than ever to organize the plastic lids. You can readily take a cooling rack and stack the lids on every section of the wire. It will help you in easy access of these lids.

  1. Sink/ shoe dryer:

Sogging of shoes after a day out in winter snow is quite irritating. Getting rid of it is even more difficult. However, the hack of using a cooling rack as a shoe or utensil dryer is a perfect idea. It helps to dry out your items in no time.

  1. Boiled egg chopper:

The easiest and simplest way to chop a hard-boiled egg is to use a cooling rack similarly just like we recommended you for dicing avocados. Press the egg against the cooling rack, and you are done!

  1. Make bacon recipe:

The stainless steel cooling racks are the best way for making perfectly cooked slices of bacon. You can readily lie the bacons stretched on the top of the cooling rack. It will assign it more crusty and crispy nature like the cookies.

We hope that you loved the top 7 ideas of using the cooling racks alternatively. Do give it a try! Thanks for reading!

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